Meet the ladies that found success with Crown the Nation services. 


Hailey Colborn

Miss Teen USA 2018

Miss Kansas Teen USA 2018

MKSOT '18 2nd Runner Up, Talent Prelim Award

MKSOT'17 1st Runner Up, Talent and Fitness Prelim Awards


Krystian Fish

Miss Kansas 2017

Miss Kansas Quality of Life Award Winner

Miss Kansas Lifestyle & Fitness Prelim Award

camila-4 copy.jpeg

Camila Sacco

Miss New Hampshire USA 2022

3rd Runner-Up at Miss NH USA 2021

Miss Congeniality at Miss NH USA

3rd Runner-Up Miss KS USA 2020

2nd Runner-Up Miss KS USA 2019

Top 10 Miss KS USA 2018

Marissa Hernandez.jpg

Marissa Hernandez

2nd Runner - Up 

Miss Kansas 2021

Preliminary On-Stage Interview Award Winner

Katherine Wurzer.jpg

Katherine Wurzer

Top 10

Miss Kansas 2021

2nd Runner-Up Miss Kansas 2019

Top 10 Miss Kansas 2018

Top 10 USA National Miss 2017

Talent Winner USA National Miss 2017

UNM National 2nd Runner-Up for Role Model & Community Service

UNM Miss Kansas Teen 2017

UNM Miss Kansas Teen Talent & Casual Wear Winner


Polina Nations

3rd Runner-Up

Miss Kansas 2019

Preliminary Talent Award Winner

Social Impact Finalist


Natalie Barrett

Top 10

Miss Kansas 2019



Maci Johnson

Top 10 

Miss Kansas 2018

Miss Kansas Quality of Life Winner

Miss America Community Service Award Winner


Hannah Maddy

Miss Sedgwick County 2019

Miss Kansas 2019 Interview Award

Miss Kansas 2017 Quality Of Life Finalist


Annika Wooton

Miss Kansas 2019 & 2020

Top 15 - Miss America 2020

Miss America Non-Finalist Talent Award

Miss America Social Impact Award

Miss Kanas On Stage Preliminary Award


Tori Pedruzzi

Miss Kansas' Outstanding Teen 2019 & 2020

MKSOT Talent Award

MKSOT Fitness Award

Miss American's Outstanding Teen 2nd Place CMNH Award


Makayla Lofland

Top 10

Miss Kansas USA 2021


Candace Sweetwood.jpg

Candace Sweetwood

Top 10 

Miss Kansas 2021

Social Impact Finalist

Emily Rugg .jpg

Emily Rugg

Top 10

Miss Kansas 2021



Haidyn Mackey

Top 10

Miss Kansas Teen USA 2021



Corinne Brewer

3rd Runner Up

Miss Kansas 2018



Danielle Staats

2nd Runner-Up

Miss Kansas Outstanding Teen 2018



Lydia Sharpe

Top 10

Miss Kansas Teen USA 2021