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Our Services

At our core, we are dedicated to helping every individual unleash their full potential. Our tailored services are designed to empower you, and we believe that every journey is unique. We offer a range of services that equip you with the skills and resources needed to conquer your dreams. Through time-tested techniques, personalized coaching, and meticulous strategic planning, we guide you toward your aspirations.

Our services bear the names of inspirational queens who have excelled in their respective domains, as a tribute to the remarkable women who have paved the way.

If this resonates with you, we invite you to take the first step towards your transformation. Simply complete the form below, and we will promptly arrange a FREE virtual consultation. Please note that all payments are non-refundable once processed, but we do offer convenient payment plans. Additionally, we're happy to create customized packages tailored specifically to your goals. Feel free to reach out to us for further details.


There She Is

Our Most Popular Package

Full Wraparound Services:

Interview Preparation

On-Stage Presentation

Pageant Paperwork

Personal Branding

Social Media Strategy

Wardrobe Styling

Community Service & Scholarship Paperwork

Sponsorship and Fundraising Techniques

Talent Development

Virtual Coaching

Winning Mindset Strategy

and much more


Social Media Branding

2 hours / $300

Displaying your life and journey can be challenging on social media platforms. We will work with you on how to aesthetically design your feeds, write engaging captions, build a strong following, how to edit your pics and how to market yourself.  

Interview & Effective Communication

2 hours / $300

Developing the winning mindset. Review your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Work on the delivery of your message. Building an engaging and natural communication. 

Community Service Initiative Development

2 hours / $300

Compelling platform development, personalizing your pageant paperwork. We will review and edit your paperwork to the next level. You must have paperwork in the process

Talent Development & Review

2 hours / $300

Sometimes finding the perfect talent can be challenging. We will look at your strengths and your brand to develop a competitive talent. From selecting your music, talent wardrobe, and staging. We work on vocals, dance, acro-dance, monologues and speed painting. 

Life Coaching

1 hour / $150

Mental Health is essential, and being in front of the world to judge on stage, in the private interview room, or on social media can be vulnerable. You will receive one-on-one therapy with a licensed therapist to overcome any challenges. We care about you.

Squad Bundle

6 hours / $720

Receive three packages of your choice

There She Is

20 hours / $3,000

This is for the competitor who wants everything and is in it to win. Receive all the packages listed above, including some not available as individual packages. 

Personal Branding & Marketing

2 hours / $300

Work on personalizing and developing your brand. Marketing yourself and showing your competitive differentiation. Developing your brand message. 

Styling and Style Brand

2 hours / $300

Will will guide you in reviewing your existing wardrobe or we will help you build the perfect pageant wardrobe. We will make sure you feel and look your best. If you need us to go with you and shop, we will do that too. 

Scholarships & Community Service Paperwork

2 hours / $300

For those scholarships and community service awards, you need compelling and data-based essays. Let us work on editing, format, and substance. This is for that Quality of Life, Community Service, Presidential Awards.  You must have paperwork in the process

On-Stage Presentation

2 hours / $300

Whether you are a first-time pageant competitor or a veteran, you may need help in perfecting your stage presence or walk. We will guide you on walking patterns, how to command the stage and how to grab the judge's attention. 

Sister Bundle 

4 hours / $480

Receive two coaching packages of your choice.

Four Queens

8 hours / $960

Receive four packages of your choice.

What Our Clients Say

3D Pink Flower
Emily Rugg .jpg

Emily Rugg, 3rd Runner-Up at Miss Kansas 2022

Working with Juven is working with someone who will push you, support you, and always makes sure you look and feel your best. Whether it's in the interview room or doing your evening gown walk, you'll feel the most confident and be the most prepared you've ever been. A friend, mentor, and truly great guy all around - I couldn't recommend working with him enough. 

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